Inaugural Educere Network Meeting

This keynote speech underlines the importance of working with and through one’s body towards the making of sociality. An education of our attention involves not only making ourselves aware of our aesthetic and sensory experiences of and with the world around us. It involves importantly also educating ourselves to engage with an Other as a sensuous being/object/thing/energy/atmosphere that is existentially affected by our doings. As some of the workshops show educating such attentiveness has a political dimension for ensuring the future of our planet. Even speaking – as well as observing silences, as said in Michael Jackson’s recent Astor lecture - can be understood as a bodily technique that reaches out to and affects a sensuous other. In this introductory note I aim to show that “the body” need not be understood in opposition to “language as an expression of the mind”, but that speaking and its “gestural meanings” can be seen as a rhythmic activity accompanying the rich spectrum of bodily engagements that the workshops offer.